ReTurn 7500 – Manual SIt-To-Stand Lift

Safe and active sit-to-stand and transfer – without any heavy lifting.

ReTurn 7500 is an easy-to-use and incredibly effective assistive device providing convenient and natural support for sit-to-stand and transfer, but it is also a rehabilitation device. ReTurn 7500 enables safe and active sit-to-stand and transfer to or from bed, wheelchair or toilet. ReTurn 7500 can also be used to facilitate repositioning farther back in a chair or wheelchair.


For the caregiver, ReTurn 7500 enables easy transfers without any heavy lifting. For users who still retain some degree of strength, ReTurn 7500 stimulates the natural pattern of movement during sit-to-stand, while at the same time strengthening the muscles and functional ability. This makes it the ideal assistive device in a rehab unit, and a user who uses ReTurn 7500 at home can normally live at home longer with the help of only one caregiver.


ReTurn 7500 – for adult users weighing up to 150 kg.

ReTurn 7500 has a rising ladder of standard height and is
appropriate for most adult users.


  • The original – with a a unique, patented* design which makes the transfer platform incredibly easy to manoeuvre
  • Rolls, turns and pivots smoothly and easily on all surfaces, even in confined spaces
  • Very easy to understand and use, both for the user and the caregiver
  • Many different application areas
  • Always close at hand
  • Can be easily adapted for different users
  • Activates the user and eliminates heavy lifting for the caregiver
  • Stable and secure base plate
  • Easy to roll and directionally stable
  • Moving ReTurn 7500 requires minimal exertion, even with a larger and heavier user
  • The base plate has a low step-in height and clear markings for the user’s feet
  • The base plate’s narrower rear profile enables it to be moved in under a wheelchair, so that ReTurn7500 can be positioned very close to the user
  • A recess, for the toilet, makes it possible for the user to get close enough to achieve a good seated position
  • The incline of the rising ladder creates conditions for a natural pattern of movement
  • The design allows plenty of work space also for the caregiver, who can remain very close and help to support the user from different directions
  • The rising ladder allows many possibilities for grasping the ladder, including a central ‘power grip’, it also enables ‘climbing’
  • The user is also supported by the ladder during standing training and transfer
  • The new version of ReTurn 7500 features a rising ladder (patent pending**) with an opening for quick and easy hooking of ReTurnBelt
  • The height, width and angle of the lower-leg supports can easily be adjusted to fit different users
  • The lower-leg supports on the new version of ReTurn7500 are equipped with extra padding as standard
  • Lockable wheels
  • Neat and attractive design that simplifies hygiene
  • Low weight
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for transport and storage
  • A specially designed bag, which is available as an accessory, protects ReTurn7500 during transport and storage
  • Many accessories for greater safety, security and utility
  • Several models provide solutions for all situations and users.


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