HN Econo Transfer Belt


The HN Health Solution Econo transfer belt, is a belt that used to transfer a person from one position to another safety by placing the belt around a person’s waist and using it to hold on to while safely transferring or mobilizing the patient or individual.


The belt, which is placed around the user’s waist or hips, has multiple, sturdy handles providing the caregiver with a firm grip in various situations.


Transfer belts are key to safely helping a frail or weak patient in & out of bed, a wheelchair or any circumstance where a person need to be assisted from a sitting to a standing position. Transfer belts also provide safety for individuals when standing and walking.

Transfer belts provide:

* Provides safety for you and your patient
* Provides a feeling of comfort for your patient
* Gives you control if the patient starts to slip or fall &
* Prevents injury to you or your patient.

Positioning the Transfer Belt:

The transfer belt needs to be placed low on the waist. It is pulled tight by grabbing the two end pieces and then pulling the belt tight around the waist (fig.1).


Remember, the patient’s girth is greater when sitting. It is important that the belt is comfortably tight.


To remove the transfer belt, release the Velcro and allow the fastening strap to retract through the buckle.

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  • Multiple handles to hold onto for assist an individual when transferring for one position to another
  • Easy fastening system that secure with Velcro
  • Adjustable belt ensures that it will accommodate most individuals size

Contraindications for using the HN Transfer Belt:

  • Patients or people that have had recent abdominal surgery
  • Patients or people that have has a colostomy
  • Patients or people that have a gastrostomy with a feeding tube going directly into the stomach
  • Patients or people that have severe cardiac or respiratory disease
  • Patients or people that have fractured ribs.

Technical Data

  • Length: 140 cm’s.
  • Width: 2o cm’s.
  • Maximum User Weight: 100 kg’s.
  • Weight of Product: 0, 3 kg’s.


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